Miles To Go

Welcome. Miles To Go is a five piece band based in Hartland, Vermont, playing a mix of Celtic and bluesy/jazzy folk-rock. As we all have day jobs/children/etc. our playing schedule is somewhat scattered, but please check back often as we may add performances with short notice.

We do also have a mailing list. If you wish to receive occasional e-mails with updates about our performance schedule, as well as any other noteworthy band information, please send a blank e-mail to . Thanks.

We are (in no particular order):

Jan Crow; classical flute, wood flute, penny whistle, bass, vocals.

Tom Davis; guitar, mandolin, vocals.

Jaxon Morgan; drums, percussion, harmonica, bass.

Kerry Rosenthal; lead vocals, guitar, bass.

Alan Goldblatt; violin, baritone violin, bass, guitar, vocals. (Learn all about him on his webpage.)

For booking information, or to ask questions of a live human being, please send e-mail to .

Upcoming Schedule
Date Location


March 17th 2013
Common Man Restaurant in Claremont, NH



Sample Tunes: