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Please note: this list is just a beginning; I will be constantly adding to it. If you have a site you think should be included, please send me an e-mail. Please also note that most makers who build innovative instruments also build beautiful traditional instruments. The reality of the market is that not many people are willing to take a chance and stand out in a crowd. Let's hope that's changing.

Makers of Innovative Instruments:

Guy Rabut; His beautiful site is at long last up! There you can see his Picasso-esque violin, and his fine traditional instruments too.

Christophe Landon; Also makes copies of traditional instruments.

Joseph Curtin; A wonderful resource for scientific exploration into violin family instruments, and very creative and thoughtful in his attempts to modernize the instrument.

Suzy Norris; Creator of the Suzalyne, which includes sympathetic strings a la the Hardanger fiddle

Danny Ferrington; Primarily makes inspired guitar designs, but also a violin with the attributes of being simple, clean, and constructed with modern methods in order to keep costs down.

Andre Sakellarides; Very funky mandolin family instruments.

David Rivinus; Interesting designs with the primary goal of reducing carpal-tunnel syndrome and other common player's injuries.

Terry Borman; Now makes only modern instruments, but has a page of eye-catching baroque instruments he has made in the past.

Makers of Baroque Instruments:

Note: Baroque instruments are almost by definition innovative. These instruments were first made long before standardization took hold, and many baroque makers today continue the traditions of elaborate decoration and varied body shapes.

David T. Van Zandt; Baroque and modern instruments. Also has an extensive list of violin makers web sites.

Innovative Musicians:

Darol Anger; Wonderful rhythmic, percussive playing.

Megan Weeder; All varieties of music.

Winnifred Horan; The great, warm, harmonized solos and undercurrents you hear on just about every hot Celtic album these days.

Liz Carroll; New and traditional Celtic tunes with stunning virtuosity.

Natalie MacMaster; The word "energy" sums it up. She even step dances while playing.

Regina Carter; Very nice jazz. Also here.

Eileen Ivers; Fantastic improvised, jazzy interpretations of traditional Celtic tunes.

Peter Schickele; Not a violinist, but I can't leave him out. Creator of PDQ Bach (he, of course, would change the word "creator" to "discoverer"). Also the host of Schickele Mix on public radio. If you get a chance to see him perform, go!

Violin Making Organizations and Resources:

Violin Society of America; Conferences, Violin Making competitions, Journal

Catgut Acoustical Society; An organization devoted to studying the physics of violins.

Violin Making and Restoration Forum

Double Bass Forum


Eric Meyer; Maker of very nice fittings for violin family instruments.

JustStrings .com; Suppliers of strings for all instruments, including octave strings. Prices as good as I can get, even at wholesale.

Knilling; Geared pegs, instruments, cases, accessories.

Pegheads; Geared pegs.

Orcus Island Tonewoods; Bruce Harvie, supplier of wood for violins and guitars.

Battenkill Tonewood; Robert Crosby (802) 375-9965 and Geoffrey Ovington (518) 854-3648; maple and spruce cut in the Adirondacks of NY and Green Mountains of VT.

Resources for Players:

Maestronet; All sorts of info, links, discussion groups, etc..

Sheila's Corner; Discussion groups, news, links, music, etc..

International Society of Bassists

Web Wide ABC Index; An index of all ABC format Celtic sheet music available online.

Double Bass Links Page

Museums etc.:

Shrine to Music Museum

Magazines and other Publications:

Strings Magazine

The Strad

Instrument Jokes Page

Scientific Organizations:

International Musical Acoustic Scientific Community

Catgut Acoustical Society

Violin Making Schools:

These are the four with which I'm most familiar, but there are many more programs. Check out the links at It's an excellent list which includes schools around the world.

University of NH Violin Craftsmanship Institute

North Bennet Street School; Programs in many trades including violin making.

Chicago School of Violin Making

Violin Making School of America