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Measurements for violin family instruments can vary somewhat. The violin is the most standardized, next the cello, then the bass, and least standardized is the viola. Violins generally can vary in body length by only 2mm, whereas violas can vary by as much as 5 inches in body length!

These specification sheets are compiled from many different sources, including my own experience.

You will notice quite a few holes in my information, especially for gambas, d'amores and baroque instruments, all of which were never as standardized as modern instruments. If anyone can send me information to fill them, I would be most appreciative. Thanks!

Violin Specifications These specification sheets are formatted in Adobe Acrobat. To download and install the free reader, visit Adobe.
Viola Specifications
Cello Specifications
Double Bass Specifications
Baroque Specifications
Gamba Specifications
d'Amore Specifications